Volunteering Programs in Fiji

Vinaka Fiji invites you to share the magic of Fiji whilst helping the people of the remote villages of the Yasawa Islands. Our volunteer programs cover key areas of need, from helping children learn, to planting crops, installing water tanks or working in baby clam nurseries. Program length is flexible from 1 to 26 weeks, and the range of opportunities to help means there is something for everyone.

If a holiday in Fiji, combined with the opportunity to become more involved in the island life of the Yasawas, to genuinely 'give back' and lend a helping hand, and to make a difference through your travel sounds like a good idea to you, then Vinaka Fiji Volunteering will be a highlight of your travel experiences.

The remote village environment and expected working hours required for the volunteer programs is not suitable for children therefore we have a minimum age policy of 16 years. 

Why Choose Vinaka Fiji?

Help develop vital resources

Our goal is to give the people of the Yasawas the skills, knowledge and materials for a future where they no longer require assistance, but can be self-sufficient and fully sustainable. 

"An additional 250,000 litres of drinking water has been made available through efficiency improvements and repairs." 

Our work is vital

We know what is needed in the Yasawa Island villages and we also know what is wanted. We don’t want to take the approach of commanding a new way of life for the villagers, as we believe that sustainability is all about securing the future and also in keeping the culture and relaxed way of life intact.

In order to do this properly and sensitively, we work closely with the Yasawa villagers, so that they may help determine the needs, participate in the planning and implementation and share responsibility for completion of the projects embarked upon. We have a strong tri-way partnership made up of representatives from Government, the Yasawa villages and Vinaka Fiji.

Marc Moran recently spent 2 weeks volunteering on the Vinaka Fiji Marine Research and Conservation Program in the Yasawa Islands. Vinaka Fiji Volunteer programs support villages in areas of fresh water, nutrition, education, power, marine and environment.

Where your money goes

The fee for the volunteer programs covers your accommodation, transfers, meals and project costs. The Trust also raises funds for village projects through donations made by each volunteer as well as donations from Awesome Adventures Fiji, companies, organisations and individuals.

It remains a key principle of the Trust that the majority of the funds raised will be spent on the delivery of specific field projects. The small percentage that does not go directly to these projects instead goes towards administration costs, such as the recruitment of new volunteers. It is important that our efforts remain cost neutral.

"I just can't describe how amazing this experience was. Stunning location, gorgeous people and a fantastic feeling of lending a hand where it's needed!"
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