Photos from Vinaka Fiji

We have an amazing array of photos and real experiences from Vinaka Fiji programs. Click on the images below to view a larger version or view them all on our Facebook page:
One of the pics taken by our marine volunteers whilst diving
A typical village bure
Volunteers make wonderful bonds with the locals
Enroute to work for the day
Constructing a fence
Lunch time!
A boy learning at school
Volunteer Diving in the Yasawas
The materials for construction of a shed arrive
Installing a water tank
Volunteers teaching at schools
A new chicken coup
Thank you
Cleaning baby clams, who need a helping hand
Learning letters
Story time
Gettiing water from the new tanks
Building work
Building as a team
More water tank delivery
Enjoying school
Planning the day over breakfast
A village bure
Thank you for your donations
The beach at one of the Yasawa Villages

One of our volunteers getting a fond farewell
Children learing play
Learning the importance of gardening
Having fun in the classroom
Studying at a Yasawa Island school
The dive team heading out to educate the locals on safety
learning counting skills
What a lovely place to chill after a hard day's work.
Getting ready to plant some crops
A freshly planted vegetable crop
Children of Kese helping us make a kindergarten playground
Learning one on one at school
Growing seedlings