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30. Nacula Island, where you can also do some great hikes on your time off The Yasawa Trust Foundation was established in 2010 to formalize and further the work and economic assistance provided by Awesome Adventures Fiji, a privately owned tour operator, to the people of the Yasawa Region, Fiji.

The name of the assistance programme “Vinaka Fiji” was chosen to reflect the two way nature of the relationship between those who operate and assist the Trust and the people of the Yasawa Islands,  whose work it benefits. Each by their actions is inherently saying “Thank you” / “Vinaka”. 

For the Founders of Awesome Adventures and those involved in the Trust this is their way of saying “Vinaka Fiji” to the people of the region for all the pleasure and enjoyment they have derived from there. 

The Yasawa Trust Foundation will work closely with the Yasawa communities in Fiji, so that they may help determine the needs, participate in the planning and implementation and share responsibility for completion of the projects embarked upon. 

The key focus of “Vinaka Fiji”, in order of priority, will be on infrastructure and associated needs in the areas of: Water/Power/ Education/Health. The Yasawa Trust Foundation wishes to focus on larger projects, requiring a minimum capital expenditure or outlay of FJ$5,000. 

The Trust intends to use the District Plan drawn up by the Ba Provincial Council as its starting point to identify worthy projects. The Plan was compiled after extensive consultation with the 27 villages of the Yasawa Region. 

The principle of “maximum benefit for most” will be applied when assessing projects. The Trust wishes to maximize the benefit it can bring the Region so greater consideration will be given to projects that can attract “leveraged funding” from third parties such as sponsor companies and individuals, Government and foreign aid agencies. 

The Yasawa Trust Foundation actively seeks additional funding for its projects from third party sources and also works with Voluntourism participants to assist the villages with their expertise, tuition and skilled labour. It remains a key principle of the Trust that the majority of the funds raised will be spent on the cost of the specific projects.

Key Sponsors

Thanks to our key sponsors, we have been able to achieve so much already. Our key sponsors are:


South Sea Cruises


Awesome Adventures Fiji
   Rotary International